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Lisa Hill
Lisa Hill
A native of Baton Rouge and was raised in a Christian home with six siblings. She received Christ at an early age and renewed her commitment at the age of 15 when Christ called her and set her apart for special workings in the ministry. She waxed strong in faith and accepted her call to preach the gospel and was ordained as Pastor of Family Outreach Christian Center in Baker, LA. where she pastored for eleven years.

No longer pastoring, now Minister Lisa is compelled to help the hurting and reach the lost. She loves God and has no other desire but to please God in every area of her life. Minister Lisa openly expresses her greatest joy in life as being a full time mother of three young adult children. She devotes most of her spare time as broker, owner of New Vision Homes and Properties, a real estate sales office that specializes in residential sales.

Her time is spent serving, assisting, directing and training others. With humility and generosity of heart Minister Lisa captivates the hearts of the people of God with her sincere message of love and hope. In quiet times she enjoys singing and cooking.
P.O. Box 776
Baker, Louisiana 70704

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