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"In order to be fully processed into a True man or woman of God, you must enter the University of Silence, where your Classroom is your prayer closet...where your Teacher, Instructor, Professor and University Dean, is the Holy Spirit."

Joshua "Turnel" Nelson

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"GRACE is an actual piece of God Himself deposited within our spirit, which is His Divine ability to become all He desires us to become,... provided we do not frustrate it."

​Dr. Vincent Valentyn


PEOPLE OF POTENTIAL AND PURPOSE IN CHRIST, INC. (POPAPIC) is the non-profit corporate, juridical entity founded and established to facilitate and deliver certain specific God ordered and God assigned ministry services and helps unto Christ's Body here on earth as a whole, locally, regionally and globally, respectively, as assigned by the LORD.

POPAPIC, Inc. was raised and established by the LORD to serve His Body the Church, as a critical part of His design, plan and intentions in the processing and preparation of His people for His endtime purposes.

During a season of intense seeking, intercession and personal encounters with the LORD during the early 1990's, POPAPIC's founder, Dr. Kenneth R. Fabre' was given a burden, vision and assignment from the presence of the LORD to expose and introduce children, youth and adult believers to the Manifest Presence of God, wherein and whereby the LORD Himself can reveal to them personally the existence and magnitude of His Purpose for the life of each individual, and the fact that this was made possible by Jesus' Crucifixtion on the Cross, the shedding of His Blood, His Resurrection and His Ascension to the right hand of the Father and that these provisions can be accessed only by faith in Jesus and acceptance of His offered salvation through the forgiveness of sins and submission to Him as Savior and LORD.

Today, POPAPIC's Vision and Mission, supported and embraced by its founder and, numerous other spiritually mature five fold ministers/ministries and lay believers including assigned intercessors, remain focused on the development of a deep, sincere and intimate love and reverence for and communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, processed by the LORD operating inside the Spirit, Soul and everyday Life of the born again believer.  This is accomplished through various Holy Spirit inspired and assigned means and methods of facilitation such as, Teaching, Speaking, Published Writings, Broken Musicians Cell Ministry and Recordings, POPAPIC Conferences & Summits, and POPAPIC Retreat/Advances. Most importantly to the LORD, members of the local and corporate Body of Christ including five fold ministers/ministries striving to spiritually develop the members of there congregations, are encouraged and taught how to grow in constant appreciation and familiarity with the Manifest Presence of God, with emphasis being placed on +++ the importance of waiting on the LORD, +++ learning to know His Voice, and +++ becoming experientially sensitive to the Person and moving of the Holy Spirit.

Each and every true born again believer is a Person of Potential and Purpose in Christ. That being the case, the LORD's vision and critical end-time Mission and Assignment to POPAPIC, INC. have been and remains to "teach and encourage the Body of Christ at all levels and in all places when and where assigned, to seek the LORD wholeheartedly and to understand Him" (Psalms 14:2).  Once done the Holy Spirit can as He so strongly desires,  illuminate those truths of His Word which can be learned and imparted in no other way and  train disciples to cultivate and bear the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-25) which will result in their true spiritual maturity and ultimate preparation for His call to experientially walk with Him and to be an overcomer even as Christ has already overcome.

P.O. Box 776
Baker, Louisiana 70704

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