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is first and foremost built through and upon the special ministry of Kingdom Intercession.

Bro'Ken Fabre' and the Board of Regeants believe and realize that the special ministry of Intercession is absolutely crucial and serves among other important pillars of the Kingdom as the life blood through which and whereby the Purposes and Intentions of the LORD are maneuvered, advanced, achieved and established in the earth. Scripture tells us clearly, that Intercession is Jesus' primary ministry even now in this moment as He sits at the right hand of the Father. Jesus the Christ has always been and continues to be the First Intercessor.

Finally, when we as believers and citizens of His Kingdom obediently, competently and fervently intercede, we are actually cooperating and engaging with Him in His ministry of Intercession. This is a high calling and privilege in the Kingdom of God.

Should you sense the LORD drawing you to the special ministry of Kingdom Intercession, please consider becoming a POPAPIC Intercessor whereby you can support various God ordained POPAPIC Intercession assignments primarily through personal and corporate Intercessory Prayer. 

Intercessory Prayer Burdens & Needs will from time to time be communicated directly to you and other POPAPIC Intercessors located throughout the United States and the world as the LORD leads and directs, through Email and/or other means of communication. 

First, seek the LORD about whether He wants you to become a POPAPIC Intercessor. Then, should He release you to do so, please immediately submit the information requested in the form below which will be kept in the private files of POPAPIC, Inc.

Once you have provided the requested information, we will forward you a confirmation and a copy of Bro'Ken's book entitled "GOD's PROCESS... through KINGDOM INTERCESSION"

Bro'Ken Fabre'

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